Personal stories

The Lenana story

How did the group join the program?

A secondary school in the neighborhood, Lenana School, organized regular school tournaments on their marram field. The children from the slum enjoyed watching these matches and admired the sport. As their passion and desire for the sport grew, the children made their own hockey sticks from branches. Using golf balls, they mimicked the sport because they were not allowed to play on Lenana’s field. A group of older youngsters from the slum, led by Allan, saw this and decided to find a place where they could coach the kids. By searching online, they found out about the KYHD program. From that moment, the young boys and girls met every Saturday morning to play – and every other day they could.

What have been the highlights since then?

The children found a place where they were welcome and that had good facilities. They got proper equipment to train with: from sticks and balls to shoes and shin guards. The boys’ team has played a few tournaments and won them all. Even from the Lenana School! Lenana school now allows them to play on their hockey field. On top f that, some of the kids have been accepted into good secondary schools.

What has the program gotten them so far?

After consistent training, a team of boys (and one girl, Cynthia) was put together. They get to play tournaments which gives them a lot of recognition from the Kenya Hockey Union and from other teams and institutions that are involved in hockey. Coach Erik even managed to find a sponsor for the group. The children now have the right equipment to play and their skills are getting better and better each day, both on the field and in other aspects of their lives. The HESA Bredalings are the talk of the day!

What are the dreams of these boys and girls?

These kids once dreamed of being able to freely play hockey and have their passion recognized. Now that this dream has been fulfilled, they have new ones: to become the best teams in the country and the world, to get into better schools and ultimately improve their lives through sports. 

A message to the sponsors:

The children and the Lenana community are grateful for the support that

they receive. The hockey program is a great gift to the children, that allows them to “play their way out of the slums”.

The story of Elijah

How did you join the program?

“I remember being in fifth grade when coaches Majiwa, Kimanzi and Omosh visited my primary school. Through them I learned about the program and became interested in the sport.”

What have been the highlights since then?

“I have traveled to many places for hockey competitions. I have made many friends

and met people from different backgrounds. The program has helped me build my career in sports and helped me with my studies.:

Where has the program gotten you so far?

“The spotlight I got from the program contributed to me getting an admission and joining the Upperhill High School, the school of my dreams!”

What are your dreams?

“I want to play for the Kenya national team and also mentor others in both hockey and other activities.”

A message to sponsors:

“I am very grateful for your support. This has given me and others access to many life changing opportunities. Ahsante sana!”

The story of Renta

How did you join the program?

“We were introduced to the program through the administrator of my primary school in Kibera. With a group of about 30 other girls from the school, we started going to the City Park field hockey stadium every Saturday morning to play.

What have been the highlights since then?

“My highlight is when we played a tournament at Kianda School in Nairobi, and won!”

What has the program brought you so far?

“Thanks to the coaches and sponsors, I was accepted into a good boarding school where I am now in my final year of high school.”

What are your dreams?

“My dreams are to finish my education and to play hockey at a higher level.”

A message to the sponsors:

“I would like to say thank you so much. Continue with your good, kind hearts and I pray that God will continue to bless you.”