Results to be proud of


Together with our partners and supporters, we have achieved many great results since January 2014. Over the years, many hundreds of children have been trained and cared for during the weekly program at the City Park Hockey stadium. Not only did they get proper equipment, training, and food; they were also provided with medical help and mental support.

Hockey results

The HESA boys’ team has already won several school tournaments, beating teams from luxury private schools. To be proud of! Furthermore, Tom Olal has created a girls’ team: Orange Leonas. After one year of playing, the team was promoted to the Premier Hockey League at national level.

School performance

Through hockey and sports discipline, not only the performance on the field, but also the school performance of our boys and girls has improved significantly. Of all the children, many have gone on to play for clubs and school teams, for example thanks to the Rabobank sports (school) scholarships. More and more elementary school children are getting into the picture of good secondary schools that have a serious sports program. The scholarships provide them free admission to the schools, giving them a chance to a better future.

We do more

Thanks to the equipment donations, we have also got many other children playing hockey, even in the far west of Kenya: Kisumu. The Shelter Children’s Home orphanage not only got hockey equipment but also two brand new hockey goals to use on their field. These goals were made in the workshop of Security Group Africa, one of our supporters.

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